Franchising and Its Economic Importance for Africa
By Bachir Mihoubi, CEO & President FCG
October 25, 2012 

Expanding Your Brand in the Middle East: A Fresh Perspective
Franchising World, January 2012 
By Bachir Mihoubi, CEO & President FCG

Alternatives To Master Franchising: Area Development
Agreements, Area Representatives And Joint Ventures
By Kathie Lee, Judith Jarvis, Shivendra Kundra, Bachir Mihoubi, Susan Grueneberg, 
Reprinted and/or posted with the permission of International Journal of Franchising Law (Volume 10 – Issue 4 – 2012). 

Dealing With the Complexities of International Expansion
Franchising World, March 2011
By Bachir Mihoubi, CEO & President FCG

Expanding Your Brand Culturally
Franchising World, March 2008
By Bachir Mihoubi, CEO & President FCG

Coffee Houses Defy Anti-US Sentiment
Financial Times, June 16, 2004 

French Civil Law: An Insider's View
by Christian Atias, Alain Levasseur (Translator), Bachir Mihoubi (Translator)
Publisher: Louisiana State University, Law School, Publications Institute Publication date: 12/1/1987 


Bachir Mihoubi parle de la franchise commerciale dans le 19h INFO de Khaled Drareni
19H INFO Algeria - Interview - January 26, 2016

Séminaire introduction à la Franchise
Web TV - Centre d'Affaires de Sfax, March 3, 2015

Franchising Consultant Favors Persian Gulf States for U.S. Firms
by Phil Bolton from Global Atlanta, February 8, 2015

FranCounsel Group Introducing Franchising to Developing World 
PRWeb, May 3, 2014 

FranCounsel Group Opens Markets for Franchises in Tunisia and Elsewhere 
by Phil Bolton from Global Atlanta, May 2, 2014 

Franchising: Developing Countries Key for U.S. Brands 
Bachir Mihoubi interviewed by Trevor Williams from Global Atlanta, August 22, 2013 

Is There a Difference in Purchasing an American Brand vs a Canadian Brand? 
Bachir Mihoubi interviewed by Michael Hyam from Business Exchange Magazine, March 13, 2013 

Global Business Academy: Workshop featuring MENA specialists
Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce
Newsletter July 2012 

La Fondation « Club Avenir » organise un séminaire sur les franchises et leur développement
Algerian Embassy in Ottawa
May 11, 2012 

Bachir Mihoubi: Atlanta Attorney from Algeria
Bachir Mihoubi Interviewed by Youssef Zniber, Global Atlanta, February 9, 2012 

CLDP Experts Participate in TunisMed Franchise Expo
December 7-9, 2011 

Tunisie : «La franchise offre d’énormes opportunités de développement», déclare Béchir Mihoubi
Bachir Mihoubi interviewed by Maha Ouelhezi
June 12, 2010 

Progress On Tunisia's Opening To Foreign Franchises
Embassy in Tunis, December 15, 2009 

Tunisie - La franchise vue par Béchir Mihoubi, l'expert et le consultant international
Business News, Tunisia
Bachir Mihoubi interviewed by Walid Ahmed Ferchichi 

Algeria Ripe for U.S. Franchises
Bachir Mihoubi interviewed by Nema Etheridge for GlobalAtlanta, September 26, 2006 

Ruby Tuesday Announces Stepped-Up Franchising
Business Wire
February 6, 2006